Wednesday, August 22, 2018

President Donald Trump, and Special Counsel Mueller has Nothing to do with us

President Donald Trump, and Special Counsel Mueller

There is no proven connection between either of these men and hurting black America. I am talking to black men only now.

1) Donald Trump has never said "close down all schools in mostly black neighborhoods". The reason why this is so important, is because education or lack of it, is really the most important element concerning black America today. The outcome of President Donald Trump, and Special Counsel Mueller can not, and will not solve this, or even touch this issue. The only people who can totally solve this issue are us, black men. The best way to solve this issue is to become educated ourselves and make sure all of our children become educated as well, not just high school but earn college degree's as well. We must stop complaining about our school's not being as good as other's, and demanding outsider's come in and build us new school's, when we're not sending our kids to our current one's. I am not talking about what I think, I am talking about what I know, from what I see. We often hear people talk about our inner city school's being dangerous, but whose kids are they?

President Donald Trump, and Special Counsel Mueller did not put any kids in those schools, they do not belong to any of them they belong to us.

Again I am talking to Black Men Only Now. We all know of high schools with a ninth grade class 5 - 10 times larger than the graduating class. This has been a trend for about 20 years now. What this really tells us is that most of our kids are leaving school between 14 - 17 years of age. Very often this group are having children. These children are being raised different from those that completed high school and college.

Lastly as Black men we must see our children graduate from these high school's and college as well, and stop participating in the blame game, and take full responsibility.

2) Stay out the drug game. Stop pretending like nobody can see you or know what you are doing. Again to Black men only and I emphasize this because I am not talking about what outsiders think. I am talking about what we know. Every black man knows someone in the drug game as a user and or seller. We must keep our kids out the drug game, and off alcohol as well. Very often when anyone mentions anything about not doing alcohol or drugs to black folks. There is a backlash from black folks saying things like "others do it as well". But no other community has been hurt by these two more than us. This is why we can no longer afford to pay this price, this is the primary reason for our broken families (a complete different article within itself). We all know of many folks benefiting from the drug game indirectly. Such as borrowing money from a drug dealer, having drug dealers pay for youth sports teams. Dealers also very often volunteer for various activities in the community as well.

Lastly, President Donald Trump, and Special Counsel Mueller outcome will have no effect on this matter. As Black men we can only do two things. First, stop dealing with drug dealers ourselves, stop using their product, stop socializing with them altogether. And most importantly stop selling their product, no matter how little you sell. Do not argue about prison sentencing just stop using and selling. Second, keep your kids away from the game. This is possible but far to many look for others to keep our kids away from the game. This is a mistake, we must take full responsibility for our kids.

President Donald Trump, and Special Counsel Mueller should not really be on our radar, or in our conversations.